Taking on the Bay: 8/14-8/27

Growing up an Angeleno, I have always been a part of the great debate and rivalry that has metaphorically split up our great state: What is better? Norcal or Socal? Maybe this post will help you get closer to the answer(related to food, of course).

I spent almost two weeks in the bay area for some family events and can I just say that my family really do know of all the best eats in the area. Since I was all over the place from the city to the south bay, this post will contain more photos with little quips rather than detailed entries of each eatery. Attached are links to the places I’m blogging about so you can check out what else they have in store for you if you ever decide to come up north.

Are you ready for some major food porn? If so, keep scrolling!


Blue Bottle Coffee Co. (Ferry Market Building):

Baristas hard at work inside Ferry Market.

Secret menu item: Gibraltar- double espresso, milk & foam ($3.29)

Caffe Mocha: Deliciously rich & smooth ($5.29)

BREAKFAST(or brunch):

Mama’s on Washington Square: Little Italy

The simple entrance (not in picture: the 1 hour line on the other side).

North Beacher M’Omelette: Ortega Peppers, Tomatoes, Cheddar & Jack Cheese ($8.95)

Fat Free Apple Yogurt Cinnamon Egg White French Toast w/ Seasonal Fruit ($10.95)

Dungeness Crab Benedict w/ Fresh Spinach ($15 or seasonal prices)


Sushi Zen: San Jose

Just a note: my cousin knows the itamae(goes by Song) & gets custom order rolls, but they have a full menu as well.

The modest interior w/ a 30+ foot sushi bar & plethora of seating options.

Avocado Asparagus Roll w/ Eel Sauce & Sauteed Mushrooms (Custom: $10)

Tofu Zen: Tempura Veggie Roll w/ Crispy Tofu in Spicy Sauce (Custom: $10)

Spicy Jalapeño Roll: Tempura Avocado Roll in Minced Tofu Sauce (Custom: $10)

PIZZA (I can’t decide between Chicago & NY style):

A Slice of New York: San Jose

Inside: pick up & head out, just a bar area to sit at and chomp down.

Classic New York Cheese ($3.25).

My favorite: Fresh Pesto & Cheese ($3.75).

Classic Pepperoni ($3.25).

Zachary’s: Berkeley

The interior is covered in memorabilia & is always a popular place to be.

Half Spinach/Mushroom, half Zachary’s Special- sausage, green pepper, onion & mushroom ($30).

What a regular Zachary’s slice looks like (slices sold only in thin crust).


New Krung Thai: San Jose

The interior: Thai decor w/ contemporary design make for a lovely ambiance.

Kao Pad Gra-Praw Phak Fried Rice: Asparagus, carrots, cauliflower & baby corns flavored w/ garlic, fresh chili & basil leaves ($8.95).
Gaeng Kiew Waan Green Curry: coconut milk w/ shredded bamboo shoots, bell peppers, sweet basils & sweet peas ($10.95).

Rama Tofu: sautéed in red coconut curry sauce w/ bell peppers & sweet basils ($8.95).


Kaenyama: Fremont

Entryway: elegant & contemporary water fountain leads you inside.

Our chef lighting the “onion volcano” while cooking our food.

Chicken Teppanyaki w/ miso soup, salad, veggies & shrimp and egg fried rice ($18.95).


Ici Ice Cream: Berkeley

The daily-updated sign w/ the flavors of the day.

The modest exterior. Sometimes lines go down the block.

Caramel Balsamic Vanilla & Mint Choco Chip w/ a handmade choco-tipped cone ($5.85)

As you can now tell, I had a little too much fun up in the Bay Area. It’s now time for a little thing called getting back into shape…fingers crossed.

The rest of my pictures(and there are a lot) are all located here: Taking on the Bay Eats (also on the sidebar).

Stay tuned for my first flashback post on New York City & Washington D.C.!

– gmangoman a.k.a. Hemang


About gmangoman

I'm a college graduate with a keen sense of finding all things fun, food-related and free around Los Angeles and Orange County...and beyond!
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