Planet Illogica Presents: KiteChild Launch Party – 12/11

Where else could you have found a silent auction, food service from a restaurant yet to open, live musical performances, two open bars and the ability to webchat with orphans in a foreign country? Only at the Planet Illogica: Kitechild Global Network Launch Party, of course!

What is Kitechild you may ask? Kitechild is a non-profit that has created the first online network for Orphanages and Children’s Homes around the world with a goal to increase transparency and global awareness of the state of child caring organizations. They create a centralized search engine that presents the individual profiles of child caring institutions according to location, attributes & needs. Fore more information on Kitechild and details on how to support this great organization, click here.

A contemporary home in Beverly Hills was the setting for the launch party.

On a surprisingly warm, fall evening in Beverly Hills, people from all over the Southern California area came together to support the global launch of the Kitechild network. Be it friends and family of committee members, social media enthusiasts, bloggers, philanthropists or celebrities, the support was easily visible.

The models donning the OneZ made famous by Willow Smith.

A donation table was set up for guests to interact with the KiteChild website and to post any donations. The silent auction held such trend-setting apparel as OneZ and Spirit Hoods as well as personal care services and jewelry with 100% of proceeds going towards funding KiteChild in all its endeavors. Pop Beauty had a personal service bar available for the ladies (and men) who wanted any services done from eyebrows to makeup, they had a table full of products ready for the guest!

POP Beauty Bar for guests to enjoy mini-makeovers and personal services.

There were a myriad of projection walls with interviews, pictures and videos of different spokespeople, orphanage representatives and children from all over the world played on a loop that allowed guests to have a more interactive understanding of the group. The highlight (for me) of the whole night was a Skype video chat with Niños de La Promesa, an orphanage dedicated to caring for children in the red light district of Tijuana. Having the ability to converse with the caretaker of the orphanage and seeing the smiles on the faces of the children made the event that much more real for everybody in attendance.

Real-time web chatting with the Tijuana orphanage via projection screen.

Lucky Flirts specially designed bracelets for the cause, with different colors that correspond to the four regions of the world in which Kitechild has connections with orphanages (Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America). Celebrities like Emmanuelle Chriqui from Entourage, D.B. Woodside from Hellcats and Michael Steger from 90210 attended as well to show their support and to help promote the cause.

Michael Steger (from 90210) and his wife, Brandee are showing support by wearing the Kitechild leather bracelets designed by Lucky Flirts.

Mezze, a restaurant soon to open up in Los Angeles, provided all the catering. The Middle Eastern restaurant offered up Mediterranean classics like Baba Ghanoush, Falafel bites and more as well as a wide array of scrumptious desserts including chocolate ganache mini-torts with sea salt garnish and milk cakes. Outside on the firepit-lined buffet table, a large cheese platter and more ethnic dishes like tabbouleh were available for the attendees. I was pleased, visually and gastronomically by all the efforts  of the chefs working hard in the kitchen inside and I cannot wait until the restaurant opens.

Falafel bites with a spicy hummus sauce.

Baba Ghanoush on flatbread.

Mini chocolate ganache torts with sea salt garnish.

Did I forget to mention the live performances? Ballerina Black opened the event with a great sound. Throughout the night, other performances from Esai Morales(pictured below) and Marina Verenkina kept the crowd entertained and lively.

I was honored to be invited to witness the launch of Kitechild and all the festivities that went on through the night. The only sad part for me was when I was outbid on the Spirit Hoods, the OneZ and a dinner for 2 at Mezze. I guess that’s a good thing, though, because people were willing to support the cause! Keep an eye out for bigger and better things from Kitechild!

Check out the rest of my crazy pictures here: Kitechild Launch Party (also on the sidebar).

-gmangoman a.k.a. hemang


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