Reneta J @ Project Ethos LA Fashion Week – 3/12

Project Ethos LA Fashion Week  in Los AngelesFashion has always peaked my interests and when I heard that my friend Reneta (for RenetaJ) was chosen as one of a few designers to show their Fall 2011 lines at the Project Ethos LA Fashion Week Show, I was thrilled to attend.

Over 2,000 people lined Vine Street to get into Avalon for the show!

Walking the red carpet and into Avalon Hollywood, a popular venue that I had many an opportunity to check out but never could, made me as excited for the experience I was about to have as well as for Reneta and her new line! Every one of the buyers, fans, consumers and sponsors were eager to see what the up and coming designers had to offer to LA Fashion Week as well as the musical performances, art exhibits, cocktails and cupcakes.

Reneta J in front of her Honey Lounge meet & greet booth

For those lucky enough to score a press or VIP badge, the Honey Lounge was open an hour early for a meet and greet with all five designers with an open bar sponsored by Absolut Vodka and with a smorgasbord of cupcakes provided by TastyCups. Frederick’s of Hollywood and Carlton Hair also set up shop, advertising their products and impact on the show for the evening.

The Project Ethos Runway lit up and ready for the designers to show off their new lines!

The many anxious attendees packed inside Avalon.

The party was sponsored by Vitaminwater Zero, a fact made obvious with the hundreds of bottles strategically placed all over Avalon, giving every attendee the opportunity to snag a few and sample all the flavors that were available. Vitaminwater’s “Flavor Fashionista Challenge” had all five designers come up with a garment inspired by a randomly selected flavor of Vitaminwater. Throughout the show, guests were given the opportunity to see the garments on the runway and then were able to vote by texting their favorite designer. Over 1,500 votes were cast by the end of the evening, the majority of them going to none other than Reneta! I was so proud of all the hard work she put into the line not only as a friend but as a consumer, the garments were spectacular. She told the press that “I was inspired by the color. I created an ombrey red maxi as I wanted to fuse the boldness of the flavor with the lightness” of the Vitaminwater flavor XXX.

Reneta J’s Vitaminwater Flavor Fashionista Challenge-winning Dress!

The people at Carlton Hair Experience did all the hairstyling for the designers showing their lines that evening with a variety of styles from updos to long curls. I had a very in depth conversation with one of their reps about the the importance of styling for each garment and how they can also give me a haircut when I come visit their stores (as they handed me a discount card, sneaky).

The Robotanists pumped the crowd up before the fashion show.

As the main room became a deluge of anxious people, The Robotanists started off the show with their indie rock sound by debuting songs from their new album Plans in Progress. Their fresh sound and strong-headed lead singer brought the crowd into an energetic pulse when the ladies at Frederick’s of Hollywood premiered their new bikini line. Camera phones and flashes soon went off as the models came out throwing out “prize” beach balls to lucky attendees who won a free Frederick’s bikini.
The line by Ermelinda Manos on the runway.

The emerging designers then debuted their lines, some of which I were a fan of and some… not so much. Which designer I like or didn’t like is of little importance to my readers, rather, their achievement of being in the show was enough for me to keep my two cents to myself. From versatile knitwear to retro-dresses to creative uses of colors and fittings, each designer had a clear point of view and design aesthetic. Seth Aaron Henderson of Project Runway fame concluded the fashion show with his never before seen ready-to-wear line. Fellow Project Runway alum, Mila Hermanovski with her boyfriend, also sat front row in support of her ex-competitor and friend. Along with Mila sat buyers, representatives, art collectors and a variety of members of the press all analyzing each garment as it went down the runway.

Seth Aaron Henderson closed the fashion part of the evening with his new line!

As the show ended and the runway structure was quickly disassembled, attendees sprawled out amongst the many areas of Avalon to mingle and congratulate designers, models, stylists and socialize. Oh did I forget to mention that the DJ duo behind the nightlife hit “We No Speak Americano,” Yolanda Be Cool, were the artists that kept the dance party atmosphere thriving after the show ended? I myself tried to find Seth Aaron to no avail and enjoyed my time with Reneta and her friends/family that came from all over to attend. I decided to check out the many art exhibits on the upper levels and then called it a night.

The DJ duo known as Yolanda Be Cool mixed music all night long.

With their eleventh show under their belts, the people at Project Ethos organized and produced an evening filled with fresh fashion, captivating music and exciting art, as well as plenty of libations and eye candy. Needless to say, the overall exhibition that was inspired by the Carpe Diem theme was apparent and memorable. Kudos to Project Ethos, the designers, musicians, artists and the stylists for making me (and I’m assuming every other attendee) wanting to get to the next event.

– gmangoman a.k.a.  hemang

For the rest of my pictures from the show, click here: Project Ethos LA Fashion Week, (link also in the sidebar).

*my first fashion post! ill be working on more personal ones to come soon, with my friend Rhonda from DotLash!*


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