‘Craft for Crap’ Party: A Beer Belly LA Event – 8/28


Okay now that I have your attention, read on!

Beer Belly LA - Jimmy Han

Reminiscent of the “Cash for Clunkers” program that sprouted back in the summer of 2009 by the government to persuade Americans to trade in their pollution-exuding eyesores of automobiles(using the term loosely here) for money to put towards those Prii that you now see everywhere, the folks at Beer Belly LA are hosting their first ever “Craft for Crap” beer party. What does that mean for you?

Come in on Sunday, August 28 to the Western Avenue brewery with any one can, bottle, mini-keg, WHATEVER-sized capsule of “crap” beer (per person) in exchange for a craft brew that is being offered by the fine people from Cismontane Brewing.


*According to the CA ABC, Beer Belly LA cannot give out “free” beer so now when you trade in your crap beer, you will have to shell out the crazy sum of  $0.01. YES. One penny. Deal with it!*

The Cismontane brews available for the night will be:

  • Citizen steam lager
  • Black’s Dawn Imperial Stout
  • Coulter IPA

Need help figuring out what exactly is a crap beer? If it starts with Bud, Millers or Coors… then you’re on the right track. In my opinion, Natural Light and Caguama win the race for crap beers. I don’t think I’ve ever posted so many swear words before in one post but I guess I am just very passionate about my readers having the opportunity to get their tastebuds on some high-quality, craft brews!

If you’ve already been lucky enough to enjoy the art of the craft beer, bring along your friend (we all have one… or more) that loves the aforementioned crap beers or will never buy a beer on draft besides the nightly special at the local dive establishment. It is 2011 and the people you socially interact with in public should not embarrass you with their crap beers.

Aren't you thirsty now?

Bring the beer and the friends to Beer Belly and enjoy a taste of the Cismontane brews amongst other Craft Beer enthusiasts as well as the owner, Jimmy Han. I’ll be bringing some extra ones just in case you forget yours!

For more information or details, check out the official Facebook event page here: Craft for Crap: A Beer Belly Event

See ya then!

Beer Belly LA
532 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 387.2337
Twitter: @BeerBelly_LA

– gmangoman a.k.a. hemang


About gmangoman

I'm a college graduate with a keen sense of finding all things fun, food-related and free around Los Angeles and Orange County...and beyond!
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