Savor Los Angeles: Sweets @ Miauhaus – 7/30

First official entry since my long-overdue return to my blogosphere! I hope you enjoy all my future posts! :]

I first heard about Savor Los Angeles from fellow Anteater alumnus from Parallel Lines, which is self proclaimed as “a collective of creatives that handle full scale event planning, promotion and execution with a specialty in food & beverage and music.” Mike was kind of enough to get me in last minute so a big shoutout to Mr. M.C. himself!

Located at Miauhaus Studios on La Brea, lines formed around the block half an hour before doors opened. We were let in and my eyes and nose were treated to a smörgåsbord of delights as if I entered my own Candyland.

The first room filled with creative vendors from coffee to brownie bites

Favorite dessert: Organic Strawberry Mini from Pure Cheesecakes

Favorite cupcake: Nutella/Royal White from Frosted Cupcakery

Fresh Drip Coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee

Favorite Drink: PAMA‘s Cherry Chocolate

After chowing down on goodies from almost every vendor(some more than once) and enjoying the PAMA drinks & Boxed Water, I realized that I would have to diet it for about a week…but it was completely worth it.

The roped-off VIP section was a nice getaway from the hectic crowds outside, with seating and a bar with 2 bartenders ready to dish out some delicious cocktails.

The event was a hit. Less than halfway through the night and most of the desserts and confections were at a critical low or already out of stock. This is a reason (that I emphasize to my friends & family) of why you should come early to anything that sounded as sweet as Savor Los Angeles: Sweets.

I could review about every vendor that was there or the desserts being offered, but that would honestly spoil your experience at the next “Savor Los Angeles” event. Check them out and hopefully your time with them will be as fun as mine.

The rest of my pictures from the event(link also on the sidebar): Savor Los Angeles.

– gmangoman a.k.a. Hemang


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I'm a college graduate with a keen sense of finding all things fun, food-related and free around Los Angeles and Orange County...and beyond!
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